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Why Is A Teardrop So Much Better Than A Tent?

Gain outdoor comfort like never before!

Tent camping can be a blast, but that appeal can start to wear away when it starts to rain or other weather interruptions occur. Teardrop camping still puts you close to nature and is a terrific outdoor experience, but you get the benefit of hard walls and a sturdy ceiling to shelter you from the elements when you sleep.

Enjoy the outdoors with the ammenities of home!
Easily Towable

Teardrop trailers are significantly lighter than other campers. You don’t need a big pickup truck to go camping. In fact, an SUV or even the family sedan can take your teardrop where you need to go. Their smaller size also makes them easier to tow and maneuver, meaning it’s easier to get them to tight spaces when getting gas, maneuvering overcrowded tourist spots or parking at your campsite.

Amazing Ammenities

Each Trailer has a pop up Galley Kitchen in the back with partitioned shelving, comfortable queen bend, 2 gallon water tank, sink, pop up counter, under counter storage, LED lighting, voltage meter and USB charging station. Each insulated cabin comes with two doors with tinted screened slider windows, a powered 10 speed 2 way Max Fan roof vent, a porthole window, interior LED lighting and a porch LED light.


We are a local small business that is “hands on” with the care and rental of our trailers.  You will get personalized attention with a professional experience.  We are here to make your adventure fun and memorable with none of the hassle.

You must be 25 years old or older and able to show a valid driver’s license and proof of auto liability insurance.  You will be required to provide a $500 damage deposit and prepay for your rental.  There is a rental agreement that you will need to review and sign.

We use exclusively Bend Teardrop trailers.  They are locally made and custom designed for us.  They are fully insulated from floor to ceiling and fit an actual queen size mattress.  They are easy to maneuver, back up and tow.  They can be moved around by hand into tight spaces.

You will need a tow package with a 2” ball and a standard flat 4 pin connector for the trailer brake lights.  If you have the round 7 pin connector, we can provide a converter.  Ideally you will want the ball to sit about 18” off the ground.  This allows you to tow the trailer flat and not require unhooking to sleep level.  You will not need trailer brakes since the trailers are so lightweight.  Confirm you vehicle can tow 1,500 lbs.

Yes, the two doors have locks from the outside and a deadbolt on the inside.  The back hatch locks and so does the tongue mounted storage locker.  You will also have a tongue lock and a wheel lock for securing the trailer.  You will have a full set of keys… don’t lose them!

You will be responsible for the trailer and any damage while you are using it.  Most insurance companies cover trailers that are pulled by insured vehicles.  Check with your insurance company prior to renting.